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Things Unseen

by I Am The Manic Whale

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Sven B. Schreiber (sbs)
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber (sbs) Their 2015 album "Everything Beautiful In Time" was one of my first purchases on Bandcamp. My favorite track "Clock Of The Long Now" still is a prime example to me of what a great prog song can sound like. This band always finds the right balance between "brain food" and "soul food". I'm happily reminded of the timeless works created by "Echolyn". Favorite track: Billionaire.
Carl F. Green
Carl F. Green thumbnail
Carl F. Green TBH, I wasn't sure about this album at first, but after many listens, I am now convinced that it is their best work. So, it's definitely a grower. You need to give it time to percolate in your subconscious. Now I can't get enough and I'm playing it daily, sometimes more than once. I love their sense of humor, which really shines through on my favorite track, Celebrity. Build It Up Again is a close second, though (and if you haven't yet, definitely check out the video for that song). Favorite track: Celebrity.
snork1212ba thumbnail
snork1212ba The whole album feels like a step up from the (still very good) earlier work. Really well put-together songs. Into The Blue stands out for me on first listen. Favorite track: Into The Blue.
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Billionaire 07:25
Nobody wants to be misjudged, even the man on the street Don’t we all need to feel at home, comfortable safe and complete? Do you pray you’ll never see what it’s like to be Picking melodies out of the black and fumy air? You won’t see much change but someone o ers you a prayer I got it all so right in life (I had nowhere left to go) Wound up so high upon my ladder (I could only oat down slow) You don’t ask my name, how I am today But it feels so good this way Picking melodies out of the black and fumy air Giving you no cause to think you’ve seen a billionaire I’ve been a champion all my years (I’m tough as hell; I paid the price) Not much unlike these old guys here (I get their thinking; they get mine) Hold my can and I could buy this whole town Just sit back and be astounded Walking past my patch you have to act like I’m not there You would never have believed that I’m a billionaire Nobody wants to be misjudged (But the ones with the gorgeous, they can sometimes be poorest, you know) We all need to feel at home (And without interference does it make that much di erence?) If this (some things in this life can’t be bought or sold) Is the place that I’m calling my home (Trust and love are worth more than all my gold) ‘Cause if you found out just how alone (If you knew it was lonely having power) You can be at the top of my tower (You’d be sat here in the hour) YEAH! Finding fellowship out in the black and fumy air Giving you no cause to think you’ve seen a billionaire You should come with me, but I don’t know you’d even dare Would you have believed this evening I’m a billionaire?
Ring the bell, break the spell See the destruction rain around Witness the destruction of Charn all around This is what happens to people and things in her way Look well on that which no eyes will ever see again The deplorable word, don’t speak it unless you are sure The deplorable word, can’t go back – you’ve opened that door The secret of secrets, brings unstoppable power At the secret place she paid a terrible price To learn the word she paid a terrible price If spoken aloud it destroys all around save the one who spoke it They thought that no one alive would ever dare to speak it The deplorable word, don’t speak it unless you are sure The deplorable word, can’t go back – you’ve opened that door The last great battle raged for three days Many great kings thought they could stand against But they all fell, their names forgotten in time The roar of the people rose up from the streets, rivers ran red The last army was right at her door, she looked into their eyes and she said... The deplorable word, she’s finally queen of the world The deplorable word, last left alive under the sun
We’ve travelled far to search the depths and scale the heights Our little star has kept us warm against the night But we all rush forward for the bigger better thing, which makes us brighter Bigger, better, brighter Keener, smarter, lighter Bigger, better, brighter Tougher, thinner, tighter And yet the feeling comes back, dissatisfaction and a hungry loss That leaves you craving more and more It’s got a nasty edge that brings you crashing back to consciousness And now we’re waking up It starts with little steps to energy that’s made to keep us green and get away from plastic spew I would do anything to clear the air and take the deepest breath Into The Blue When wicked men make pro ts from the salt-ripped earth and punished sea, it’s time to wave our banners true So let’s do everything to clear the air and take the deepest breath Into The Blue
Celebrity 18:55
PART 1: IDENTITY CRISIS Part of the crowd, one in a billion I’m no bigger or tter or di erent from the rest How to stand out? Be an individual? Get my head above the others so you’ll see me everywhere you look I’m going to be like that overnight Just look at the stars on my TV screen They’re so slim, they can sing, they’ve passed the test I can’t see how they’ve paid, they’ve just got it made Now they’re loved and respected because they’re the best I’m going to be like them overnight I need to make this dream a reality I’ve not analysed the critical path I don’t need the skill, just the celebrity Clutching at straws, it can’t be hard I’m not going to wait, it’s got to be today Or tonight or tomorrow anyway I can’t spare the time to practise my craft I'm just going to deserve the accolade from giving it everything I’ve got I’m going to be like them overnight I’m going to be like that, and there’s no need to put in the hours Clutching at fame, bring it hard PART 2: CULTURAL VAMPIRE (WHO AM I?) Invest in some intense new clothes intended more to shock than look and feel in any way good. Shave half of my hair all o then let the other half grow really long and dye it puce. Because what I look like is more who I am than who I am. And this is who I am (What you look like is more who you are than who you are) Who are you? Start my own fresh YouTube channel. You’ve got to subscribe subscribe subscribe to Cultural Vampire. Get my latest fashion tips, those Nineties jeans with all the rips are dead. They’re so passé. PART 3: FREAK SHOW Maybe I’ll go on a television freak show, get some encouragement for doing something zany Maybe an audience of millions would laugh at me and enjoy my humiliation I know this girl, she’s not quite right in the head She thinks she can sing, she thinks that she’s thin enough She thinks that if she gives it everything (one hundred and ten per cent) That will make up for training and practice (Freak show) everyone likes a good laugh (Freak show) disillusions crashing down (Freak show) they bring it upon themselves There’s this young man, wants a piece of the limelight His specialist skill is eating chocolate quite fast Maybe he could beat a Guinness World Record (and maybe he’ll be the best) on live television, he’s only got to eat eight (Freak show) sixty seconds tick by (Freak show) he’s only managed five (Freak show) missed it by a country mile Exploitation, but we want to be exploited and that makes it okay Does that make it okay? We knew the danger. We knew what could happen and that makes it okay Does that make it okay? (Freak show) PART 4: HEART AND SOUL M I went in there, put my heart and soul into it, really gave it all my heart and soul And at the end of the day, coming from my heart and soul, that’s really all I could have done J I don’t really think so I don’t think it’s all you could have done What about practising? What about knowing half the words? What if you’d learned to play in time? What if you’d tried to have the image this show is looking for? Hmmm? M Yeah but what I’m saying is I went in there today, put my heart and soul on the line Really gave it my heart and soul And at the end of the day, coming right from my heart and soul, there’s nothing more I could have done J We don’t really think so! Maybe if the hairdo wasn’t puce and you hadn’t sauntered in with the personality of chalk And how about if you didn’t take the classic songs and make them all... unnnh I mean, I don’t mean to be rude but you clearly couldn’t hold a tune even if you emptied out the sand from that bucket by the door Is any of this helping you? M But I put my heart and soul into that performance! J But in the real world that’s not really good enough you’ve not analysed the critical path Sincerity won’t compensate for ability, even though it means you’ll have to work hard The Judges: Time to dismount your winged unicorn of delusion! J And in the real world that’s not really good enough, you’ve not analysed the critical path Success isn’t measured out by celebrity, so if you’ve a dream, chase it hard PART 5: EPIPHANY It seems like my dream was too far from reality, I’ve analysed the critical path I’ll acquire the skills, forget the celebrity, even if it means I’ve got to work hard Ambition is distilled from pure reality and I’ve analysed the critical path Success isn’t measured out by celebrity Now I can take pride in playing my part, my life, my love, my heart
Smile 04:24
Hey little guy, it’s been good to start to get to know you What do I want to say to you? I love the things that make you you How you make us all laugh with your infectious smile I love the way you look at me Look at you and the things you can do You smile and the world lights up, you laugh and the world melts away Leaving you and me in a perfect moment in time What are you going to be? All your potential feels like you could be anything Will you be faithful? Will you be joyful? I think these things are more important than the results you get And the job you do and how much you earn Look at you and the things you could do How long can we make this moment last? I don’t just love you, I fall in love with you every day How long can we make it last? How long til the time fades away? As I sit here with the universe full of your smile
Built it up, take it apart, build it up again On a spaceship to moonbase four, in bright coloured uniforms Command centre on the line Cosmic charger’s doing ne Got his radio, got his ‘scope, got his miscellaneous tools Space probe launcher, satellite car, surface explorer in low gear Build it up, take it apart, build it up again Black Falcon’s fortress, scale the walls Forward siege tower, horses and swords Armoury, etchery, guarded inn Drop the drawbridge, let me in Bow and quiver, shield and lance Catapult and trebuchet Got his helmet, got his plumes We’ll take King’s Castle before noon Limitless possibilities, bound only by your imagination Unfettered creativity, building is a verb in this quotation Take a journey through the town See the sights and hear the sounds Police siren, fire house Bucket loader, dumper truck Past the station, forklift crane Loading pallets onto the train Weekend cottage, white picket gate Takes me right back to ‘88
Halcyon Day 05:28
As she skips between the owers along the path from garden to garden Each gate and door opens into a fresh new world The red brick walls delineate the alleys of blossom and scent An air of mystery and discovery as she moves through a series of outdoor rooms Her eyes open wide in amazement and surprise as she dances in the summer afternoon light With flowers on her dress and a ribbon in her hair Barefoot through the grass, holding her Daddy’s hand as she smiles, looks up at him and cries, “it’s all so beautiful!” Wide eyes, wistful wonderment, meandering path to a pond, newts frolic through the weed Water Boatman lazily pulls himself across the surface tension, bathing himself in the sun In the cloudless sky warming the still air of this halcyon afternoon Seeking shade in a tunnel of ancient wisteria These days remind you why you don’t want to die just yet
A young boy standing on Pound Lane bridge, October 1976 overlooking Sonning Cutting (gazing eastwards) He hears the clank of the signal cables, sees the movement of the point rodding As he stares towards London expectantly (mainline running) The signal drops just as a gentle hum A distant drone fades into his perception, oh... High speed, Valenta scream A powerhouse of fathomless strength High speed, Valenta scream A passing streak of grey, blue and yellow In a roaring ash it has been and gone, its westward journey powering on Paddington to Bristol in ninety minutes (racing westwards) Making it look so very easy, eating up the distance like a cheese sandwich One hundred and twenty- ve miles an hour (diesel traction) Old Oak Common’s nest on parade (this is the age) Representing Britain in the age of the train (Intercity) (Roll up, we’ll take you for a ride as fast as we are able We’re slicing through the countryside on Brunel’s billiard table) The changing face of England, a landmark of design Outpacing all before Screaming into the future, for forty years It’s all we could dream, believe


Our third studio album
Expect the unexpected. These songs aren't about what you might at first think. They are inspired by urban myth, fantasy literature, ecology, celebrity culture, a baby's smile, an afternoon at Grey's Court, interlocking block construction toys and a British engineering marvel. What more could you want?


released April 24, 2020

Ben Hartley: drums, percussion, vocals
John Murphy: keyboards, murphatron, vocals
David Addis: acoustic, electric and classical 6 string guitars, vocals
Michael Whiteman: bass guitar, strombolief bass pedals, electric and acoustic 12 string guitars, vocals

Flute on Into The Blue and Halcyon Day: Ella Lloyd
Bassoon and contra-bassoon on Celebrity: Iona Garvie
Unsolicited additional bass pedals on Valenta Scream and others: Rob Aubrey

Halcyon Strings (appearing on Billionaire, Halcyon Day and Valenta Scream)
Violins: Coral Powell, Martin Carrick, Michael Bullock
Viola: Mairi Warren
‘Cello: Matthew Talks

String arrangements by Murphy (1 & 8) and Whiteman (7)

Recorded by Michael Whiteman at White Noise Music
Mixed by Rob Aubrey at Aubitt Studios
Artwork by Sarah Joy at Random Panda


all rights reserved



I Am The Manic Whale Reading, UK

We are a progressive rock band from Reading & London, UK. 3rd album out now.

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